TCI Celebrates 50 Years of Spectrum Innovation

TCI International, Inc. celebrates its 50-year anniversary this month as a global provider of innovative solutions for Spectrum Monitoring (SMS), Spectrum Management (ASMS), Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Drone Detection and Intervention and high-performance broadcast and communication antenna system applications. During its first 50 years, TCI supplied more than 10,000 antenna systems, more than 900 SMS/ASMS solutions, nearly 500 COMINT systems and numerous drone detection solutions to more than 1,100 customers in 100+ countries.

Today, TCI delivers spectrum solutions that are field-proven, mission-ready and user-friendly to meet our customers’ complex requirements. TCI’s solutions incorporate the most recent digital direction finding and signal analysis technologies available. TCI’s proprietary DF First® technology is employed across the entire product line to provide accurate Angle of Arrival (AOA) direction finding and geolocation, as well as Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) geolocation, for all signals of interest.

TCI's spectrum management installations across the world

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About TCI
TCI International, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPX Corporation. TCI provides turn-key solutions for spectrum management and monitoring, direction finding, geolocation and communications intelligence to civilian, government, military and intelligence agencies as well as antennas for communications and high-power radio broadcasting. TCI is headquartered in Fremont, California, USA. For more information, visit