A military organizations deploys TCI counter UAS drone detection system


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Safety. Security. Privacy. Leave drones and their operators no place to hide.

The rapid evolution of low-cost, highly capable drones presents a new set of challenges. Whether the operator is a negligent hobbyist or an agent intent on a malevolent act, an undetected drone can pose a significant safety or security threat. From secure facilities and government installations to public venues such as sports arenas, airports and sites where emergency services or law enforcement personnel are actively engaged, TCI’s drone detection systems have you covered.

TCI’s drone detection technology provides field-proven, fully automated detection and geolocation of drones and their radio controllers. It can be deployed interactively by an operator, or automatically for unattended operation (providing low cost of ownership).

The drone detection system scans the RF spectrum looking for the RF signature of drones and radio controllers. When a drone or controller is detected, the system geolocates the target and provides a notification. Local operators receive notifications by visual and audible alarm. Remote personnel can be notified by other mechanisms, including email and instant text message.

Security personnel can then observe the location of both the drone and the controller on the integrated map and track the target’s movements. Knowing the location of the drone’s controller helps authorities pinpoint the operator for a safe and effective intervention.

• Automatic – Automatically detects drones and their radio controllers.
• Geolocation – Geolocates, maps, and tracks the drone and/or controller.
• Comprehensive – Can detect wide range of threats, from hobbyist to military style remote control vehicles.
• Fast, long-range detection – Detects controller before vehicle is airborne.
• Low cost of ownership – Supports fully automatic, unattended operation (including remote notifications via email and text message).
• Replay feature – Allows review of detection events.
• Future proof – Software defined detection for easy field update of detection libraries.
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