For almost 60 years, TCI has drawn innovative thinkers, fostering careers in the Cyber and Electromagnetic Environment (CEME) field. SPX Communication Technologies specializes in CEME, Tactical Communication Intelligence & C-UAS and Tactical Data Links Air to Ground & Air to Air solutions, supporting careers in this domain. Engineers, comprising nearly 50% of our staff, drive career growth. Our HQ in Fremont, California, near San Francisco, serves the civilian, law enforcement, and defense sectors.

ECS, headquartered in Wappenham, Northamptonshire, provides solutions for the civilian, law enforcement, and defense fields. Our strategic locations inspire top-notch products and global innovation.

At TCI and ECS, we prioritize nurturing talent and innovation within these sectors. SPX Communication Technologies fosters expertise, creating career advancement opportunities. Our cutting-edge solutions empower customers in CEME and the civilian, law enforcement, and defense sectors, ensuring they stay ahead of threats.

Engineers play a pivotal role, fueling our capacity to produce sought-after products used by over 100 nations worldwide. This success reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

TCI’s HQ in Fremont, nestled within Silicon Valley, sparks collaboration across various sectors. Similarly, ECS’s strategic location in Wappenham encourages creativity and problem-solving, driving career growth.

As pioneers, TCI and ECS continue to shape a safer, more connected world. Together, we drive technological advancements, making lasting impacts on global industries.

In conclusion, for nearly 60 years, TCI and ECS have attracted innovative thinkers, offering career opportunities in the CEME field for TCI and the civilian, law enforcement, and defense fields for ECS. Our expertise in CEME solutions, coupled with cutting-edge technology, positions us as key players in creating high-quality products for diverse domains.