About ECS


Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) was founded in 1988.  The company has put growth and development at the forefront of its operation, increasing steadily in size over the past 30 years to its current operation. The team combines some of the most experienced individuals in the RF business, with a graduate training program that ensures a constant input of new young designers and engineers keen to be among the best in the RF defense and security technology sector.

Two of the keys to the success of ECS, have been the ability to design all products in-house with emphasis on long-term reliability and proven processes that allow maximum control of quality throughout the design. A third of the company’s workforce is dedicated to product development, which has meant that ECS consistently produces leading designs in its chosen field.

ECS produces two key products, Tactical Data Links and RF Inhibitors. The specialist COFDM Data Links are optimized for use in the high-level military and internal security domains. Advanced engineering techniques deliver full motion video and IP data over ranges of greater than 200 Kilometers from rotary, fixed wing, or other air assets. The Tactical Data Links are fully secured (encrypted), optimized for long range performance; are designed to be robust in congested, complex RF environments. In addition, the capability allows the user to be independent from third party infrastructure, giving the user the ability to exercise the full sovereign control of its encryption and data transfer.

Leveraging its Data Link expertise ECS produces a range of programmable RF Inhibitors (Jammers) to counter the threat from C-UAS and RC-IED. ECS has many RF Inhibitors in use on current operations with multiple nations. ECS understands the mission critical, complex integration necessary between equipment performance, training, Concept of Operation, and threat assessment needed to achieve optimum user capability in demanding and dynamic situations.

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