Mobile SMS

Mobile Spectrum Monitoring Systems (SMS)

Mobile SMS: Increasing Spectrum Monitoring Flexibility

Mobile SMS increase the flexibility of a spectrum monitoring networks. In rural settings, mobile SMS can be used as the only monitoring and location system where fixed systems are not feasible. In urban settings, they can “hunt down” an interfering or illegal transmitter. TCI supplies vehicles in many models, sizes and capabilities, but all fall into one of three ITU Types.

Survey and Map the RF Spectrum

Radio Frequency (RF) monitoring from 9 kHz to 40 GHz

Detect and Locate Licensed and Interference Signals

Vehicle-based Direction Finding (DF) and Geolocation using AOA - supports TDOA, and Hybrid AOA/TDOA

Geolocation Using a Single Mobile System

DF bearings from multiple locations enable Geolocation of transmitters

ITU-Compliant Monitoring and Measurements

Vehicle-based spectrum monitoring, measurements, and geolocation compliant with ITU Recommendations

Master the Spectrum with Spectrum Surveyor®

Increase spectrum utilization and license revenue via central monitoring database and analysis tools


Passenger vehicles used to carry passengers, equipment and antennas

Heavy duty 4 x 4 utility vehicles to be used off-road with permanently installed

Heavy-duty utility vans intended for universal use with permanently installed equipment

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