ITU Type 3 Van

Type 3 MMS are based on commercial van platforms, which enables the installation of the most sophisticated monitoring applications in line with and beyond ITU recommendations.

  • The available space in vans allows a wide range of customization options; on many occasions, customers have
    communicated their own preferences for interior layout.
  • TCI has delivered a number of different configurations of Type 3 MMS based on several different van platforms, with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter being the vehicle most preferred by customers.

Product Description

TCI has developed two standard layouts for van-based MMS for up to 3.5 tons GVWR. These layouts are similar and only differ in the operator seating and desk arrangement. Layout L has one operator desk installed on the partition wall and one desk on the sidewall. Layout I have both operator desks installed on the partition wall, which makes more storage space available. The type of layout chosen will depend on customer preference and the anticipated mission types. Having both operator positions facing forward may be more convenient for on-the-move operations, while the L shaped layout provides more operator space during standing monitoring operations.

The two most common decisions to be made when selecting the van platform for mobile monitoring station is the size and the required payload of the van. Commercial vans are available in a number of sizes and gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR). Customers often prefer to fit as much as possible into a standard van (up to 3.5 tons) because it is easier to drive a smaller van within confined city areas
and they normally do not require a special driver’s license.

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