Best in Class - Dynamic Technology - Deployable Worldwide

Best in Class

The BLACKTALON Ecosystem integrates SPX Communication Technologies’ BLACKTALON C-UAS technology and decades of expertise in the space with a vendor-agnostic framework. This approach ensures solutions can meet every customer’s unique requirements.

Dynamic Technology

The core BLACKTALON solution includes carefully selected active radars, EOIR, passive RFDF, RF jammer, and mast configuration. While SPX will continue to offer this standard configuration, the open architecture of BLACKTALON Ecosystem allows any of these elements to be customized or replaced. This flexibility provides customers access to the latest systems and hardware capabilities without unnecessary barriers and in a suitable timeframe.

Deployable Worldwide

Customers also benefit from SPX Communication Technologies’ extensive experience developing C-UAS solutions for high-threat scenarios from Ukraine to Iraq and other active global hot spots.

Technology Available From

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