Supervise the spectrum with software designed specifically for ITU compliance.

  • ITU-compliant
  • Monitoring of traditional and modern signals
  • AOA direction finding
  • TDOA geolocation
  • Hybrid AOA / TDOA geolocation
  • Integrated, automated operation
  • Supports traditional & modern signals
  • User-friendly MS Windows-based GUI

Product Description

Scorpio Spectrum Monitoring Software provides complete control and monitoring of TCI’s 700 series
spectrum monitoring systems; and a full suite of ITU- Compliant measurement, analysis and reporting tools. Scorpio runs on MS-Windows compatible devices using a client server architecture, enabling each Scorpio client to interface with multiple monitoring systems running the embedded Scorpio server application.
Each monitoring system can be accessed from multiple Scorpio clients. 

Scorpio is able to operate over multiple types of networks, including Ethernet, wireless, and point-to-point
microwave links, even if they are slow and unreliable. Scorpio provides a user friendly, intuitive interface that can be effectively used by staff members who may have limited, or no technical background, ensuring measurement results are independent of operator skill level.

Scorpio provides an interface to TCI’s extensive Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) residing on each monitoring system
providing remote maintenance, diagnostics and trouble-shooting.

These features combine to provide an extensive set of tools enabling the highest level of operator efficiency, and minimized cost of spectrum monitoring operations.

Compliant with ITU Recommendations

Scorpio provides comprehensive spectrum monitoring and analysis that meets or exceeds ITU recommendations for the measurement of frequency, field strength, occupied bandwidth, modulation, direction finding, spectrum occupancy, automatic violation detection, and other pertinent measurements.

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