Transportable Spectrum Monitoring Systems (SMS)

Transportable SMS: Maximizing Spectrum Monitoring Flexibility

Transportable SMS combine features and advantages of both fixed stations and mobile stations. The can be installed in a remote location for a period of time and operate as a fixed system and then be redeployed to different locations as needed by the monitoring service, similar to how a mobile system can move.

Monitoring Network in Coverage Expansion

Deploy transportable CSMS to locations not accessible by vehicles and where coverage is missing between fixed sites

Flexible Low Cost Deployment

IP67 CSMS require only power and network connections, no environmental protection

Survey and Map the RF Spectrum in Remote Locations

Radio Frequency (RF) monitoring from 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz (40 GHz option)

Geolocation Using a Single Transportable System

DF bearings from multiple, temporary locations enable geolocation of fixed transmitters

ITU-Compliant Monitoring and Measurements

Spectrum monitoring, measurements, and geolocation compliant with ITU Recommendations


Spectrum monitoring, ITU measurements, and TDOA geolocation

Spectrum monitoring, ITU measurements, DF, TDOA and Hybrid geolocation

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