About TCI


We empower customers to monitor, analyze, and manage the RF spectrum across various landscapes. Our solutions include spectrum monitoring, direction finding, and communications intelligence.

With our geolocation solutions, customers gain unparalleled capabilities using Angle of Arrival (AOA), Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), and hybrid systems. Our drone detection system locates drones and their controllers.

Our products are used in 100+ countries, supported globally. Our ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring systems offer effective tools for regulatory agencies. Users benefit from advanced hardware and software, maximizing performance.

Our CSMS systems equipped with Scorpio™ software provide violation detection and reporting. They offer high-performance, user-friendly operation, and low ownership cost.

Our signals intelligence systems work in harsh environments, enabling personnel to detect, analyze, and locate RF signals.

Blackbird automation offers search based on user-defined criteria. Lookback Collection allows browsing or searching past signals without interrupting recording.

Choose TCI for mastery of the spectrum with advanced technology and exceptional performance.

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