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Spectrum Monitoring Systems

Spectrum monitoring systems empowers customers to monitor, analyze and manage the RF Spectrum

TCI solutions provide spectrum monitoring systems and direction finding (DF) capabilities across the RF spectrum. TCI’s leading-edge geolocation solutions include triangulated Angle of Arrival (AOA), Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) and hybrid systems that leverage both technologies. Enabling our customers to be fully ITU compliant whilst mastering the spectrum.

Master the Spectrum with Spectrum Surveyor®

Increase spectrum utilization and license revenue via central monitoring database and analysis tools

Geolocation Using a Single Mobile System

DF bearings from multiple locations enable Geolocation of transmitters

ITU-Compliant Monitoring and Measurements

Spectrum monitoring, measurements, and geolocation compliant with ITU Recommendations

Data Driven Intelligence for Spectrum Management & Enforcement

Move from static spectrum allocation to dynamic spectrum utilization

3D Data Visualizations and Support for 3rd-Party Data Analysis Tools

Spectrum Occupancy, Field Strength, Coverage Maps and more


Signal survey and analysis of complex modern signals for a 5G world

Spectrum monitoring, ITU measurements, and TDOA geolocation

ITU-compliant Spectrum Management Solutions

Dedicated solution for ATC RDF – Fixed Site Shown

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