Tactical COMINT Solutions

Enabling Spectrum Overmatch to Ensure Mission Success

Tactical COMINT is the spearhead of Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) – surveying and mapping the Spectrum Battlespace to provide the RF Common Operational Picture (COP) in support of Electromagnetic Order of Battle, Counter-Communications and Counter-UAS operations.

Survey the Electromagnetic Spectrum

RF spectrum monitoring from 9 kHz to 40 GHz

Detect, Collect, Identify and Locate Signals of Interest (SOI)

Fully integrated COMINT operations via user-friendly Blackbird GUI

Provides RF Common Operational Picture

Local COP from single unit to Theater-wide COP via multiple, networked units

Multiple Form Factors

IP-67, Ruggedized Transit Case, and Rack Mount

Maximize Deployment CONOPS Flexibility

Fixed, Mobile, Shipboard, Transportable and Man-Portable Solutions


RF signal detection, recording, direction finding, and geolocation.

RF signal detection, collection, processing, direction finding, and geolocation.

Higher performance in IP67 man-portable and ruggedized rack mount configurations.

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