Fixed sms

Fixed SMS

Fixed (Spectrum Monitoring Systems) SMS

TCI’s Fixed SMS is the next generation solution for detecting and locating modern signals of interest for spectrum allocation and optimization, interference mitigation, public safety and national security missions.

ITU-Compliant Spectrum Monitoring

TCI systems are fully compliant with ITU-R recommendations as outlined in the 2011 Inter-national Telecommunications Union Spectrum Monitoring Handbook

Large Area/National Monitoring Solutions

The high system sensitivity of TCI CSMS translates into more geographic coverage per monitoring station than lower sensitivity systems.

Interference Detection and Geolocation

Fast and accurate signal measurements are essential for critical, safety-related applications whether interference comes from other radio services, defective equipment or unauthorized usage

Asset and Event Protection

The TCI CSMS provides excellent RF sensitivity, dynamic range and ease of deployment for superior monitoring and geolocation coverage.


Spectrum monitoring, ITU measurements, and TDOA geolocation

Spectrum monitoring, ITU measurements, DF, TDOA and Hybrid geolocation

Signal survey and analysis of complex modern signals for a 5G world

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