Counter-Drone and Counter-RCIED RF Inhibitors

RF Inhibitors Enable Force Protection and Drone Find, Fix, Finish Chain

Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) continue to be a threat to military operations and VIP security-countermeasures are critical to neutralize these threats. Drone proliferation drives the requirement to detect, locate, track, and defeat drone threats during military and security operations.

Counter-RCIED Solutions for Every Application

Enabling military convoy, security vehicle maneuvering and VIP protection

Field-Proven Five-Band Directional Drone RF Inhibitor

Puts RF energy directly on target to jam GNSS, command, control, and telemetry signals

Software Defined Radios (SDR) Provide “Clean” Defeat

The ECS SDR is mission-designed to minimize “collateral” jamming of friendly signals

Complete Frequency and Power Control / Customization

Jam one or more signals simultaneously at controllable power levels, customizable frequency ranges for non-standard drones

Maximize CONOPS Flexibility

Fixed, Mobile, Shipboard, Transportable, Man-Portable and Manpack solutions


Omnidirectional RF Inhibitors for Force Protection

Directional, multi-channel, counter-drone RF inhibitor

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