Counter-Drone and Counter-RCIED RF Inhibitors​

Counter-Drone and Counter-RCIED RF Inhibitors

RF Inhibitors Enable Force Protection and Drone Find, Fix, Finish Chain

Addressing military and VIP security challenges, Counter-Drone & Counter-RCIED RF Inhibitors neutralize RCIED threats and combat drone proliferation during critical operations.

Counter-RCIED Solutions for Every Application

Enabling military convoy, security vehicle maneuvering and VIP protection

Field-Proven Five-Band Directional Drone RF Inhibitor

Puts RF energy directly on target to jam GNSS, command, control, and telemetry signals

Software Defined Radios (SDR) Provide “Clean” Defeat

The ECS SDR is mission-designed to minimize “collateral” jamming of friendly signals

Complete Frequency and Power Control / Customization

Jam one or more signals simultaneously at controllable power levels, customizable frequency ranges for non-standard drones

Maximize CONOPS Flexibility

Fixed, Mobile, Shipboard, Transportable, Man-Portable and Manpack solutions

ECS Claw System and Directional Inhibitor Units

Custom System Design

  • RF Inhibition designed to focus specifically on the UAS threat and the C2 links used by UAS.
  • Designed for Military, Security and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) operational environment.
  • Designed for integration into multi-element detect, track and defeat systems.
Directionality and Waveform Polarisation
  • A directional, not omni-directional, effect.
  • Addresses a target detected by any sensor type (Radar, RF, Optical).
  • Inhibition waveform attributes optimised for UAS C2 defeat.
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) source.
  • Waveform polarisation optimised to defeat agile airborne platforms.
  • Inhibition effect delivered at range (at a low power consumption).
Frequency Selectivity and Spectral Cleanliness
  • Specifically targets the operational frequency of the UAS C2 system.
  • Selectable in discrete or operated simultaneously on all bands.
  • Precise band occupancy with minimal detrimental harmonic effect.

Power Control and Duration

  • Low power consumption whilst still delivering extended range performance Inhibition initiated only when required and for minimum necessary duration so is not ‘always-on’.
  • Designed with precision feedback to enable highly repeatable, stable output across extremes of temperature.
  • Dynamic power control feature.


Jamming drones while safeguarding friendly RF signals during military and security operations.

Directional, multi-channel, counter-drone RF inhibitor.

Counter-RCIED RF Inhibitors neutralize RCIED threats and combat drone proliferation during critical operations.

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