Future of Spectrum Monitoring
Model 753

TCI’s Model 753 is the next generation Compact Spectrum Monitoring System (CSMS) to detect, locate, record and analyze modern signals of interest for spectrum optimization interference mitigation and safety and security.

  • Powerful and scalable for today and tomorrow monitoring 
  • Dual 10/80 MHz IBW for complex spectrum environments
  • Backward compatible with earlier generation TCI systems
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring

Product Description

The TCI Model 753 is future ready. The 753 incorporates Digital Downconverters (DDCs) to provide multi-channel recording and data filtering for a new suite of signal analysis tools using AI.

SSD storage allows for ad-hoc and short-term spectrum management tasks in remote locations with poor network coverage where frequent data transfer is a challenge and “look-back” capability for interference hunting and data analysis.

The 753 is ITU compliant and provides high system sensitivity, low phase noise and high dynamic range to maximize system coverage and ITU measurement capabilities. The result: fewer systems required for monitoring and geolocation across large areas.

TCI’s Scorpio Spectrum Monitoring Software is easy to use and provides extensive Built-in Self-Test (BIST) to reduce maintenance and training requirements. TCI’s Spectrum Surveyor Software provides centralized control and “big data” management of TCI monitoring networks as well as a suite of analytic tools.

The full-wideband front end provides a high-performance receiver suitable for fast scans and working with modern signal modulations such as LTE. The narrower 10MHz bandwidth front end effectively lowers the noise floor, making the system more sensitive to low-level signals, particularly in crowded signal environments.

System Features

Compact and cost-effective, the Model 753 brings advanced functionality to a variety of radio monitoring applications where powerful performance must be provided from tight spaces.

With the ability to cover a broad range of frequencies from VLF through SHF and beyond, the powerful but compact Model 753 can be deployed in tight outdoor spaces on radio towers, affixed to portable tripods, or placed in just 1U of space in a 19” rack. An exclusive wideband architecture enables the 753 to search crowded signal environments to identify and geolocate signals of interest quickly and accurately. 

Selectable receiver IF bandwidth and a wide choice of processor measurement bandwidths, combined with high system sensitivity, a low noise figure and high in-band dynamic range maximize system performance.

Supports Hybrid Networks

The Model 753 employs Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) techniques for geolocation and provides support for hybrid TDOA / AOA (Angle of Arrival) spectrum monitoring networks.

High Sensitivity and Resolution

TCI’s 50 years of signal processing experience and continuous product improvement ensures the Model 753 employs the lowest noise subsystems and fastest processors to provide high system sensitivity. The result is an ability to detect very weak signals while maintaining processing speed and delivering unmatched signal resolution in crowded signal environments.

Dual Instantaneous Bandwidth

The Model 753 provides two operator-selectable IFs: 10 and 80MHz. The full-wideband front end provides a high-performance receiver suitable for fast scans and working with modern signal modulations such as LTE. The narrower bandwidth effectively lowers the noise floor, making the system more sensitive to low-level signals, particularly in crowded signal environments.

Extreme Environments, Outdoor Ready

A weatherproof IP67 enclosure allows the Model 753 to be deployed in harsh environments and operate under extreme climatic conditions of high winds, humidity, rain and dust without the need for an expensive, environmentally-controlled shelter.

Digital Filtering

One or optionally five tunable Digital Downconverters (DDCs) provide multi-channel recording and processing in bandwidths ranging from 78 Hz to 2 MHz for signal analysis of analog and digitally modulated signals. DDCs incorporate digital filtering and decimation to reduce wideband-integrated noise thereby improving the overall SNR required for successful signal classification and modulation recognition.  DDCs allows operators to focus on a specific part of the signal using a higher resolution and to isolate and capture only the signal-of-interest. The use of DDC reduces both on-board memory and data transfer requirements. The resulting IQ data can facilitate signal analysis, modulation classification and demodulation analysis.

Signal Analysis

TCI’s advanced signal analysis options extend TCI’s Scorpio Spectrum Monitoring systems with a powerful suite of functionality for advanced signal detection, wideband recording, modulation recognition, signal recognition identification. These capabilities harness’s the TCI Model 753’s radio receiver, powerful on-board multi processors, narrowband digital downconverters (DDCs), signal recording using built-in the onboard SSD storage, and Time Division Duplexing Analysis to offer a fully integrated solution.

Ruggedized, Compact and Power Efficient

Minimal size and weight with a ruggedized design allows TCI CSMS systems to be integrated as part of fixed, mobile, and transportable systems where space, size, and deployment environment would otherwise be prohibitive. Low power consumption makes TCI CSMS systems energy-efficient, and allows them to be powered from a variety of sources, including AC from the electrical grid, batteries, and solar.

Ready for Today and Tomorrow

The combination of wide frequency range, high instantaneous bandwidth, and exceptional overall performance make TCI’s Model 753 ideally suited to detect, analyze and locate modern signals.

Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

When paired with Scorpio, the Model 753’s comprehensive text and graphics capabilities enable automatic report generation, and access to the data to create reports using MS Office.™ Reports are customizable and can be based on measurements, raw trace information, carrier analysis by date or band, channel occupancy and availability statistics, message-length statistics, and channel-power statistics.

Mission Success

TCI solutions excel whether the mission involves detecting interference, monitoring transmissions, locating low power transmitters or conducting asset and event protection.

ITU Compliance  

The TCI Model 753 system is fully compliant with ITU-R recommendations as outlined in the 2011 International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Spectrum Monitoring Handbook and Requirements. The Model 753 provides comprehensive spectrum monitoring and analysis that meets or exceeds all ITU recommendations for the measurement of frequency, field strength, occupied bandwidth, modulation, direction finding spectrum occupancy, and automatic violation detection.

I/Q Recording, Streaming & Analysis  

Signal I/Q extraction can be triggered based on alarms or manually by the operator. The signal I/Q data is recorded and stored using the on-board SSD storage for subsequent processing.

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