TCI Spectrum Surveyor®

Smart Spectrum Assistant for Spectrum Analysis & Management TCI Spectrum Surveyor®'s

Centralized data warehouse with built in analytics, visualizations and reporting enables users in assessing the available spectrum to answer the following questions:

  • Identify White Spaces by Frequency Band and/or Geographic Region.
  • Identify changes in the optimal use or uses of bands over time.
  • Identify and Classify users- Licensed, Unlicensed, Primary vs. Secondary across frequency bands.
  • Identify frequency band that can be allocated to a secondary user.
  • Quantify differences in band occupancy at National, Regional, Local and Block level.

Product Description

Master the Spectrum for Greater Spectral Utilization and Higher Licensing Revenues Safety.

Traditionally, spectrum management has largely focused on static allocation; co-existence arrangements enforced through fixed geographic and spectral boundaries. Consequently, spectrum measurements are typically short-term ad hoc efforts to collect snapshots of incumbent spectrum usage in particular frequency bands.

Spectrum crunch brought on by new radio access technologies (wider instantaneous bandwidth, network densification, small cells, massive MIMO, low power transmitters) and use cases (wider coverage, mobility, hotspots, QoE, QoS) demand a dynamic approach to spectrum management.

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