spectrum monitoring solutions


TCI technology empowers those who govern the spectrum

TCI spectrum monitoring products are used worldwide to detect interfering and unauthorized RF transmissions, monitor emergency frequencies and protect large-area, high-value assets such as airports and seaports, as well as industrial and educational campuses. TCI offers compact sensors that can operate as a standalone system or as part of a network. We provide high-performance radio direction finding (RDF) solutions for maritime vessel traffic systems (VTS), aeronautical traffic management systems, search and rescue operations and radio band protection applications.

TCI’s multichannel, wideband architecture and network-capable, ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring solutions let you measure, analyze and locate traditional and modern signals and address the challenges of crowded, complex signal environments. TCI models offer great flexibility in processor measurement bandwidths — everything from LF, HF and VHF, to UHF, SHF and EHF. And our flexible, client-server architecture facilitates frequency, bandwidth, modulation depth, field strength, direction finding and AOA/TDOA (Angle of Arrival/Time Difference of Arrival) geolocation measurements.
HF/VHF/UHF/SHF Compact Spectrum Monitoring and DF System