Model 640

VHF/UHF/SHF Monitoring Antenna

  • Extremely broadband frequency range, 20 MHz to 8.5 GHz antenna
  • Omnidirectional receive pattern with better than unity gain
  • Max gain at 0° elevation up to 45° elevation coverage (frequency dependent)
  • COTS — short delivery time
    Passive, no AC/DC power requirement
  • Simple mounting, standard 2” pipe
  • Ground plane independent
  • Small profile

Product Description

The TCI Model 640 monitoring antenna covers an extremely wide range of frequencies, from 20 MHz to 8.5 GHz. The 640 uses passive broadband elements, thereby eliminating the need to provide power and control circuitry The Model 640 covers the 200 to 8,500 MHz range using a pair of spun aluminum disc-cones. A second shunt-fed antenna mounted to the support pole provides best sensitivity from 20 MHz to 200 MHz. The combination of both antenna elements provides monitoring of vertically-polarized signals across the entire frequency range. The antenna assembly installs on to a building or tower structure via a standard 2” pipe mount.

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