In-theater spectrum operators use a TCI COMINT solution in the field


TCI solutions support military missions close to home and far afield

Unauthorized usage and interference at military bases, training areas, test sites and theaters of operations must be quickly identified and addressed.

TCI systems provide support for spectrum operations, and help quickly resolve conflicts. In-theater operators can extract vital tactical and strategic information by monitoring spectrum usage. Operators on bases and other facilities can employ usage and trend information to more efficiently plan and allocate spectrum resources.

Built for harsh environments, ruggedized TCI hardware is available in a range of configurations designed for military missions. In addition to fixed-site systems, TCI technology is available in vehicle-based, transportable and man-portable solutions. These systems give you the tools to more effectively plan operational communications strategies and reduce interference — as well as identify possible threats and suspicious transmissions. Spectrum mapping combined with high-performance, real-time displays and data-recording capability support pre- and post-campaign spectrum usage analysis, as well as real-time analysis while a campaign is in progress.