ITU-compliant Automated Spectrum Management System (ASMS)


TCI technology empowers those who govern the spectrum

TCI’s deep experience in spectrum monitoring provides an unsurpassed foundation for technology that streamlines and automates every key spectrum management task. Our ITU-compliant Automated Spectrum Management System (ASMS) is the only product of its kind to combine its own proprietary software and hardware into integrated spectrum management and monitoring systems for easier operations and enhanced productivity.

Compatible with a multi-workstation environment, TCI’s technology allows rapid, system-wide access to all spectrum management resources. This includes comprehensive administrative, engineering analysis, map display and accounting functions. TCI systems provide everything required for easy and efficient spectrum management — from frequency assignment through the processing of license applications, notices, invoices, fees and fines and reports.

TCI spectrum management solutions include engineering analysis tools that help operators evaluate propagation, path loss, terrain profile, intermodulation products and electromagnetic compatibility. They also present DF results and field strength contours on detailed geographic maps to facilitate spectrum assignment and analysis. And they offer powerful query forms for customized data selection, plus autodiagnostics to assure reliable operation.
Automated Spectrum Management System (ASMS)