TCI Successfully Tests Compact Spectrum Monitoring System Model 709 with Ukrainian Regulator

TCI successfully conducted a thorough demonstration of its new CSMS spectrum monitoring system with the UCRF regulator in Kiev, Ukraine.

The compact TCI Model 709 was tested using the UCRF’s comprehensive test protocol across its full range of capabilities and using TCI’s proprietary Scorpio Software. These tests included:

  • Monitoring across the range from 20 MHz to 8.5 GHz
  • Spectrum Occupancy and Automatic Violation Detection
  • A range of demodulation modes
  • A wide range of measurement functions
  • Field strength mapping
  • Remote control operation across a wide area network
  • Remote Monitoring of system status and diagnostics.

The demonstration was completed successfully to UCRF’s requirements and the UCRF were particularly impressed with the compact design and deployable options available for the Model 709 CSMS system for monitoring and TDOA geolocation.

TCI is constantly innovating our spectrum monitoring and direction-finding solutions to improve our customers’ operational efficiency and enhance overall spectrum capabilities. Our CSMS product range offers a range of scalable, future-proof solutions that are compact, stand-alone and rapidly-deployable to perform Spectrum Monitoring, TDOA geolocation and AOA direction-finding.


About TCI
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