TCI AOA Systems Field-proven integrated solutions from LF to EHF

TCI AOA Systems

AOA systems built on years of experience.

Decades of field-proven innovations make TCI a trusted source for leading-edge DF solutions. Continuous refinement of traditional Angle of Arrival (AOA) direction finding technology offers systems able to rapidly locate challenging signals, especially narrowband, continuous-wave or unmodulated emitters.

TCI systems offer advantages such as integrated, wide-aperture, multi-element DF and monitoring antennas optimized for high sensitivity over their entire frequency range. Multi-channel DF processing uses patented automatic receiver matching for superior performance and much faster DF speed than single-channel systems. And TCI’s Scorpio software includes extensive direction finding tools to locate target emitters using both fixed and mobile stations, as well as features such as Pushbutton DF for comprehensive analysis of signal parameters and their location.
VHF/UHF/SHF Man-Portable COMINT/DF System