Marc Haysey, Managing Director at SPX Communication Technologies

Heightened geopolitical and social tensions, increasing conflict complexity, and growing threats to national, government and civilian security, are posing new challenges to nations worldwide.

In response, defense budgets are broadly increasing while advanced defense technologies are seeing readily available, low cost commercial RF technologies driving the need to monitor and control the RF spectrum to keep pace with evolving threats.

Against this backdrop, at SPX Communication Technologies, we’re leading the innovation of specialized radio frequency (RF) spectrum technologies that enable teams to detect, defeat and monitor RF signals for communications intelligence (COMINT) and counter unmanned aerial systems (counter-UAS) for the global defense market, and also real-time spectrum monitoring for telecommunication regulatory authorities.

We’re also advancing our portfolio – under our ‘Tactical Data Links’ capability – our Data Link solutions to enable the secure and reliable transfer of large volumes of mission-critical data between enabled aircraft and ground teams and over long distances for airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).

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