TCI TDOA Systems Advanced systems technology that meets today’s challenges

TCI TDOA Systems

TCI’s Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) technology is an advanced method of determining a transmitter location by comparing the difference in time it takes a signal to arrive at each of a network of receivers. A pair of stations receiving the signal provides a hyperbolic map plot of possible emitter locations based on the differing times at which the signal arrives at each station. Each additional station pair receiving the signal provides another intersecting hyperbola, further refining the emitter location. Transmitter position is determined by correlating data from at least three synchronized receivers.

In addition to being especially effective at locating broadband signals such as WiMAX™, LTE, DVB-T and DAB, TDOA technology also helps counter the consequences of multipath propagation and signal reflection that make congested urban settings among the most challenging operational environments.
Integrated VHF/UHF Signal Search, Collection, Geolocation and Analysis System