Signals Intelligence

COMINT and SIGINT solutions by TCI

TCI Announces Plans for Radio Frequency Machine Learning (RFML) in 2021

TCI announces plans to implement radio frequency machine learning (RFML) into their communications intelligence (COMINT) and signals intelligence (SIGINT)  offerings. The new software, Blackbird EDGETM, offers the strategical and tactical benefits of both COMINT and SIGINT applications in one solution. Read the announcement on Battlespace News, or via the image below.   About TCI TCI […]
Deployed soldiers uses a manpack signals intelligence (SIGINT) system

The Market for More Manpack

Manpack signals intelligence systems are gaining in popularity as capability increases are matched by reductions in size, weight and power. In this article by Tom Withington of Armada International, TCI’s Kevin Davis talks about these trends and their operational implications. He notes that greater connectivity of SIGINT in manpack and other form factors has the […]
TCI COMINT display at the 55th AOC Symposium

TCI Exhibits at 55th Annual AOC Show

Fremont, CA – December 2018 TCI showcased our Communications Intelligence (COMINT), and our Drone Detection and Location solutions at the 55th Annual Association of Old Crows (AOC) Symposium and Convention in Washington, D.C. November 27 – 29. Approximately 100 attendees visited TCI to learn about the latest advances in our Blackbird COMINT solution developed to […]
TCI supplies high-performance high frequency (HF) antenna solutions for broadcast and general communications

TCI’s HF Antenna Business Still Strong after 50 Years

Fremont, CA – April 2018 – In 1968, TCI opened its doors as a supplier of high-performance high frequency (HF) antenna solutions for broadcast and general communications. While both the HF antenna market and TCI’s product base has evolved over the past 50 years, TCI reports this portion of its business is still a strong contributor to […]
50 years of spectrum expertise

TCI Celebrates 50 Years of Spectrum Innovation

TCI International, Inc. celebrates its 50-year anniversary this month as a global provider of innovative solutions for Spectrum Monitoring (SMS), Spectrum Management (ASMS), Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Drone Detection and Intervention and high-performance broadcast and communication antenna system applications. During its first 50 years, TCI supplied more than 10,000 antenna systems, more than 900 SMS/ASMS solutions, […]
TCI Model 903S VHF/UHF/SHF Man-Portable COMINT/DF System

European Country Selects TCI 903S Man-Portable Systems Featuring Blackbird NextGen SIGINT Technology

Fremont, CA — TCI man-portable COMINT and DF technology will soon be supporting the signals intelligence and COMINT efforts of another European customer. This recently awarded multi-million dollar contract will deliver TCI Model 903S man-portable COMINT systems to provide signal search, automatic detection and processing of wideband and narrowband signals and simultaneous DF/geolocation. The Model 903S […]
TCI launches new Model 850 Blackbird NextGen Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) system

TCI Maintains Blackbird Legacy while Launching Next Generation

Fremont, CA – Building on a Technology License Agreement announced on January 18, 2013, TCI has introduced its new Model 850 Blackbird NextGen Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) system. The TCI Model 850 employs new, precision RF and DF hardware based on the company’s modular platform, combined with the next generation of the original Blackbird software. This […]
Macedonia selects technologically innovative National Spectrum Monitoring and Geolocation system

TCI’s Pioneering Hybrid Geolocation Technology Selected by Macedonia

Fremont, CA – The Republic of Macedonia’s Agency for Electronic Communications (AEK) has awarded TCI a multi-million dollar contract to supply, install and commission a technologically innovative National Spectrum Monitoring and Geolocation system for the country. The TCI contract provides AEK with the world’s first national system for hybrid geolocation of radio transmitters based on […]
TCI launches Blackbird/Surveyor RF Surveillance and Signal Monitoring Software

TCI adds Blackbird/Surveyor RF Surveillance and Signal Monitoring Software to its Product Family with signing of Technology License Agreement with Agilent Technologies

Fremont, CA — A recent Technology License Agreement between TCI and Agilent Technologies, Inc. has given TCI IP rights to Agilent’s well-established and widely deployed line of E3238S software. This includes Blackbird RF surveillance and Surveyor signal monitoring applications, as well as associated utilities such as the Snapshot Radio audio player. The new agreement sets […]