Broadcast Antennas

Monopole, dipole, log-periodic, loop array, vertical curtain, hybrid, and more

Broadcasters rely on our optimized HF and MF solutions that minimize operating costs. Ground-air, ship-shore, GMDSS, and military communications use these antennas specially tailored for a variety of power ratings. Our portfolio includes monopole, dipole, log-periodic, loop array, vertical curtain, hybrid, and more.

“We Know Antennas”

More than 55 years’ experience designing and manufacturing antenna systems

Broad Spectrum of Broadcast Antennas

Ranging from 450 kHz to 30 MHz

Antenna to Meet all Broadcast Demands

Short- and long-range applications, small footprints to meet land constraints

Power Loads to Meet Your Transmitter Requirements

1 kW to 375 kW average, max peak up to 1000 kW


Short wave broadcast high power (1 megawatt peak) log-periodic antennas

Very high gain (>18 dBi) log-periodic antennas in small footprint

Self-tuned medium wave (450 – 1840 kHz) antenna
Broadband (3-30 MHz, no tuner required) dipole antenna
Short-range (up to 1500 km), high take-off angle antenna

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