communications antennas


TCI communications, DF and spectrum monitoring antenna products embody years of experience in RF systems design and production techniques. Broadcasters rely on TCI for optimized HF and MF solutions that minimize operating costs. Ground-air, ship-shore, GMDSS and military communications use TCI antennas tailored for a variety of power ratings. And those tasked with spectrum management and emitter location find the sensitivity and accuracy of TCI technology well suited to the challenges they face.

The family of TCI antenna products offers a wide range of configurations. Our portfolio includes monopole, dipole, log-periodic, loop array, vertical curtain, hybrid, and more. Advanced spectrum monitoring and DF solutions for fixed and mobile applications cover the VHF, UHF and SHF bands. These antennas deliver high sensitivity across the entire frequency range, with dual polarization on some models. TCI also offers a multicoupler product for cost-effective RF distribution to multiple receivers from multiple-element antenna arrays.