Archive of month: January 2014

U.S. Government customer orders 18 TCI Model 903S transportable COMINT systems

TCI Delivers Soldier-Portable SIGINT Systems to U.S. Government Customer

Fremont, CA – A U.S. Government customer has accepted and taken delivery of eighteen TCI Model 903S transportable COMINT systems. Equipped with TCI’s Blackbird NextGen signals intelligence software, these compact and rugged man-portable systems can survey, search, detect, identify, collect and analyze signals of interest in both the HF and VHF/UHF frequency ranges — and […]
TCI installs hybrid spectrum monitoring system for Macedonia

TCI Completes Installation of Innovative National Spectrum Monitoring System for the Republic of Macedonia

Fremont, CA – TCI recently completed the installation of the world’s first national hybrid Spectrum Monitoring system for the Republic of Macedonia’s regulatory agency, the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEK). TCI’s integrated equipment and software technologies provide AEK with a state of the art national system for hybrid geolocation of the full spectrum of RF […]