TCI to Showcase Blackbird SIGINT, Geolocation and UAS Tracking Innovations at the 52nd Annual AOC Symposium and Convention

Fremont, CA – TCI will offer attendees at the 52nd Annual AOC Symposium and Convention a comprehensive view of its Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) technologies relevant to today’s spectrum-intensive missions. Scheduled for December 1-3 in Washington, DC, the AOC Symposium and Convention has been the leading industry forum expressly targeted to the global SIGINT community. Participants will “obtain critical information for day-to-day decisions in their jobs — across Active-Duty Military, Government and Academic sectors.”

A highlight of TCI’s presence will be the company’s Blackbird NextGen SIGINT and geolocation innovations. TCI’s NextGen solution leverages the expertise of the principal developers of the classic E3238S Blackbird system to achieve new benchmarks for signal search, collection, detection, visualization, analysis, geolocation and more. It also offers the invaluable ability to “go back in time” using TCI’s “Lookback Collection” capability to collect IQ and geolocation data on past signals of interest without interrupting wideband recording.

TCI also will present the versatile, man-portable Model 903S VHF/UHF/SHF COMINT system which provides detection, recording and DF capabilities in a package that weighs less than 40 kg.

For maritime operations, TCI’s booth also will feature the compact Model 803E shipboard DF COMINT system optimized for naval communications intelligence and direction finding missions. Also highlighted will be the Model 720 commercial radio direction finding system, which integrates easily into vessel traffic systems (VTS) to support maritime and coastal surveillance missions.

In addition, TCI staff will address the growing threat of UAS operations. Discussions will include the field-proven TCI UAS-tracking technology which was recently exhibited at the Patuxent River and Black Dart exercises. This technology is capable of scanning a wide range of frequencies to locate both moving UAS targets and operator positions in either in real-time or post-facto.

TCI invites AOC visitors to visit Booth 110, and discover the company’s next steps in its long history of providing effective tools to those whose mission is to monitor and control the spectrum.

About TCI
TCI International, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPX Corporation. TCI provides spectrum monitoring, direction finding and signals intelligence solutions to civilian, government and military agencies, as well as antennas for communications and high-power radio broadcasting. TCI is headquartered in Fremont, California. For more information, visit