Spectrum analysts track a signals geolocation in the field


A comprehensive approach to locating signals of interest

What does it take to cut through the fog of a crowded signal environment and clearly see where an emitter of interest is situated? It takes the effective integration of fast, sensitive hardware and innovative software for which TCI is known.

TCI offers sophisticated solutions based on time-tested Angle of Arrival (AOA) technology, enhanced to provide accurate insights into a signal’s location as rapidly as possible.

TCI also offers advanced Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) solutions whose integrated GPS receivers achieve the nanosecond timestamp accuracy required for high-precision measurements able to locate signals of interest in challenging electromagnetic environments.

And for the ultimate in versatility, TCI provides hybrid AOA/TDOA systems that seamlessly combine the advantages of both technologies into a tightly integrated package that sets a new benchmark for high-performance geolocation capabilities.
Field-proven integrated solutions from LF to EHF