TCI Model 803 Naval DF Subsystem VHF/UHF/SHF Naval COMINT HF DF Subsystem

TCI Model 803 Naval DF Subsystem

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The TCI Model 803 is a compact Direction Finding (DF) subsystem for Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and Electronic Warfare (EW) applications that is optimized for maritime use. The 803 integrates seamlessly with TCI’s Blackbird NextGen COMINT / EW platform to provide a complete signal search, collection, direction finding and geolocation solution.

The 803 continuously scans, detects, DFs, and records DF results in tasked frequency channels on a 4 or 40 MHz instantaneous bandwidth. Bandwidth is tuneable over the 20 to 3,000 frequency ranges. The dual 40/4 MHz wideband DF capability enables the Model 803 to detect and capture weak signals in crowded RF environments using the 4 MHz instantaneous bandwidth and detect short-duration, frequency-agile and wide-bandwidth signals using the 40 MHz bandwidth. Multiple 803E Shipboard COMINT Systems can be networked together for triangulation.

The TCI Model 641N antenna, which has developed exclusively for this system has been vibration tested to MIL-STD-810G, Method 528 and shock tested to 40G.

• Reinforced antenna dome suitable for shipboard installation.
• Comprehensive intercept and location of all signals from 20 to 3,000 MHz.
• Rugged design minimizes size, weight, and power consumption.