Non-Directional Antennas

Model 504, 506, 530, 540, 545F/T, 550, 570, 613 and 613T - 613F

  • Dual take-off angle provides optimum gain for short-, medium-,and long-range circuits
  • Easy and rapid installation
  • Lightweight and small size
  • Horizontally polarized to eliminate ground losses
  • Transportable Tactical (T) and Fixed (F)versions available
  • Rugged construction

Products Description

The Model 504 family of rosette dipole log periodic antennas is designed to provide high gain, high front-to-back ratio, and steerable performance in a compact area.

The Model 506 family of conical monopole antennas utilizes a new class of radiating structure.

The Model 530 is designed specifically to support skywave communications at short (0–500 km) ranges.

The Model 540 is a horizontally polarized, omnidirectional log- periodic antenna embodying a radical new design, and having remarkably high omnidirectional power gain.

The Model 545T transportable dual take-off angle antenna provides the features most desired in a tactical antenna required to communicate over any range at any azimuth.

The Model 550 is an excellent choice for omni-directional HF communications, where both ground wave and skywave coverage are required.

The Model 570 multimode spiral antenna significantly reduces the land area required for arrays of HF antennas.

The Model 613 is a truly broadband dipole antenna with excellent performance over short- and medium-range circuits.

The Model 613F is electrically identical to the 613T but is intended for fixed-station use.

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