Non-Directional Antennas

Model 506, 540, 545F/T, 550 and 613

  • Dual take-off angle provides optimum gain for short-, medium-,and long-range circuits
  • Easy and rapid installation
  • Lightweight and small size
  • Horizontally polarized to eliminate ground losses
  • Transportable Tactical (T) and Fixed (F)versions available
  • Rugged construction

Product Description

The Model 545T transportable dual take-off angle antenna provides the features most desired in a tactical antenna required to communicate over any range at any azimuth. To achieve this performance, the Model 545T, and its fixed counterpart the 545F, are omnidirectional, and radiation is vertically steerable. They generate independent low and high beams, optimizing gain for any communications distance. The 545 is a four-arm spiral antenna that can be excited in two orthogonal modes, each of which is horizontally polarized and essentially omni-azimuthal at all elevation angles. The 545 can be operated in the low-angle mode only, the high-angle mode only, or low-angle and high-angle modes simultaneously.


The 545T is highly transportable and quickly deployable. The materials in the 545T are selected for their ruggedness, light weight and ease of handling. The supporting tower is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum. It is supplied in nesting 3.1-meter (10-foot) sections for easy assembly. The antenna curtain wires are flexible bronze. Careful attention is given to the fittings and connection details so assembly is simple, rapid, and foolproof. With a trained crew of five persons, the 545T maybe installed and made operational in less than an hour. The 545T includes all the necessary hardware, tools, and 50 ohm transformer. A hand winch and rope snubbers are provided to facilitate quick erection. All guy anchors are included in the tower package, along with sturdy transit cases and instructions for assembly and disassembly.




Model 506


Model 540

Pyramid Antennas


Model 550

Broadband Dipole Antenna

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