Directional Antennas

Models 501, 503, 513, 524/527B/527, 548

  • Short-range communications
  • Full 2 to 30 MHz coverage
  • High efficiency 
  • Highest gain and broadcast bandwidth for a given tower height
  • Combines low tower height of a monopole for low frequency operation with the gain of a dipole log periodic at higher frequencies


The 501 is essentially 100 percent efficient from 2 to 30 MHz.

The Model 503 family of antennas provides efficient long-haul or sectoral coverage service.

The TCI 513 series of Di-Monopole antennas represent a new class of improved log periodic

Highly reliable communications on long-range circuits require antennas with high power gain at low take-off angles.

Log-periodic antennas are used extensively for high frequency communications circuits because of their wide frequency bandwidth
and compact size.

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