Directional Antennas

Model 501, 503, 504, 524/527B/527, 548 and 613

  • Short-range communications
  • Full 2 to 30 MHz coverage
  • High efficiency 
  • Highest gain and broadcast bandwidth for a given tower height
  • Combines low tower height of a monopole for low frequency operation with the gain of a dipole log periodic at higher frequencies

Product Description

Most communicators are well aware of the problems associated with “close-in” HF communications. Frequently it is easier to raise a station 2,000 km away than one’s base of operations 100 miles distant. To a large extent, the problems of short-range communications are related to inadequate antenna performance. Traditional antenna performance suffers from one or more of the following limitations:

• Inadequate bandwidth and efficiency. 

• No shortrange broadband antenna before the 501 covered the most important lower frequencies down to 2 MHz with adequate efficiency.

• Improper pattern.

• Vertically polarized radiators do not support the skywave.

The performance of the Model 501 is tailored for the short-range and close-in sectoral coverage applications. The 501 radiates a broad, upwardly directed beam, slightly biased in one direction. Thus, it serves well for broad sectoral coverage and for short-range point-to-point.


Short-Ranged Antenna

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