Model 860

TCI Model 860 Blackbird Nextgen Integrated Signal Search, Collection, Geolocation & Analysis System

  • TCI replacement for original E3238S Blackbird Signals Intelligence system.
  • Fully integrated signal search, visualization, collection, wideband recording, DF/geolocation, analysis and reporting.
  • Client/server architecture supports multiple simultaneous remote or local clients (or unattended operation).
  • Reconstructed GUI provides easy setup and intuitive operation including touch screen and gesture support.
  • Advanced signal detection, including optional modulation classifier automatically identifies specific signals of interest.
  • Powerful search and Lookback visualization allow users to quickly find signals of interest whether live or previously detected.
  • TCI’s DF First® technology provides search by direction and/or geolocation when configured with TCI DF/geolocation options.
  • Integrated DDCs with delay memory provide multichannel real-time collection.
  • Easy to use Automation facility provides automated actions (collection, alarming, analysis, etc.) when signals of interest are detected.

Product Description

Today’s new and emerging threats are driving the need for updated signal intelligence system capabilities that not only can detect, collect and analyze the newest signal threats, but geolocate them as well. To meet the demand for ever-increasing areas of operation, the system also must be easy to deploy and even easier to operate.

Building on TCI’s 850, the TCI Model 860 Blackbird NextGen SIGINT system combines precision RF and DF hardware with the next generation of the original Blackbird software. The result is a fully integrated, COTS signals intelligence capability to provide unparalleled signal survey, search, detection, visualization, collection, wideband recording, DF/geolocation, analysis and reporting — redesigned with a modern, easy-to-use interface. It’s the best of the proven, classic Blackbird, modernized with new technology, DF/geolocation, and point-and-shoot simplicity.

And when configured with the Lookback Collection option, you’ll never miss a collect for a signal of interest since IQ data for any past signal can be extracted from the wideband storage array without interrupting wideband recording. Blackbird operators can even use the Lookback Collection IQ data to go “back in time” to perform TDOA and hybrid geolocation on past signals.

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