Shipboard TCI COMINT capabilities

TCI Naval COMINT Capabilities Highlighted in Naval Forces

TCI is highlighted in Thomas Withington’s article “Keeping tabs on communications traffic – Naval communications intelligence is widening in capability.”         About TCI TCI International, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SPX Corporation. TCI provides turn-key solutions for spectrum management and monitoring, direction finding, geolocation and communications intelligence to civilian, government, military […]
In-theater spectrum operators use a TCI COMINT solution in the field

Battlespace – The Current State and Future of COMINT

TCI is in the news again! Julian Nettlefold graciously included an important article on the future of COMINT capabilities and operations in the February issue of Battlespace C4ISTAR Technologies. Please see our article on pages 36-39 at the link below: “In the early morning hours in Africa, a peacekeeping electronic warfare (EW) platoon loads its […]
Soldiers manage the electromagnetic spectrum

TCI Sponsors C4ISRNET Webcast on US DOD Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority

TCI’s Phil Stuehler, Vice President of Engineering, participated in a fireside chat with C4ISRNET before Brigadier General Darrin P. Leleux, Deputy Director for the Secretary of Defense’s Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Cross-Functional Team, discussed the new US DOD Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy. Mr. Stuehler discussed the importance of the new strategy and its implications for US […]
In-theater spectrum operators use a TCI COMINT solution in the field

TCI’S New COMINT Platform Coming in 2021

“TCI International, Inc. plans to expand its product line in mid-2021 with a new modular and scalable communications intelligence (COMINT) hardware platform. TCI leverages its 50+ years of RF spectrum expertise to provide the new COMINT platform with higher performance in multiple embodiments to maximize CONOPS flexibility for tactical electronic warfare operations. Performance enhancements include […]
COMINT and SIGINT solutions by TCI

TCI Announces Plans for Radio Frequency Machine Learning (RFML) in 2021

TCI announces plans to implement radio frequency machine learning (RFML) into their communications intelligence (COMINT) and signals intelligence (SIGINT)  offerings. The new software, Blackbird EDGETM, offers the strategical and tactical benefits of both COMINT and SIGINT applications in one solution. Read the announcement on Battlespace News, or via the image below.   About TCI TCI […]
A military troop monitors the electromagnetic spectrum using a communications intelligence (COMINT) system

5G Adoption: A Complex Journey, Not Just a Destination

Complications for military use of the electromagnetic spectrum will arise as more countries adopt and implement 5G technology. In this article by Dr. Thomas Withington for Jane’s International Defense Review, TCI’s Kevin Davis and Misho Tkalcevic argue that the diversity of frequency allocations will pose a challenge for military planners worldwide. The key with 5G, […]
TCI completes 2018 spectrum monitoring training seminar with attendees from almost 20 countries

TCI COVID-19 Update #1 / USTTI Course 20-113 Postponement

To TCI’s Customers, Students, Partners and Suppliers: TCI has been determined as an “essential business” as a supplier of critical equipment for global telecom and government infrastructure applications. Therefore, TCI has reopened its manufacturing and customer support facility effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Many staff will continue to work from remote sites in support of […]
TCI completes 2018 spectrum monitoring training seminar with attendees from almost 20 countries

TCI Takes Precautionary Measures for COVID-19

To TCI’s Customers, Students, Partners and Suppliers: TCI will be closing, temporarily, its main facility in Fremont, California on March 16, 2020 at midnight. This temporary closure is in support of the precautionary measures being taken by local and state governments to ensure the safety of our employees and the citizens of California in the […]
Blackbird COMINT system now features faster scanning plus SWaP to make the system more capable

TCI Talks Blackbird Updates and Drone Detection at AOC Show

TCI discussed two of the company’s most important offerings at AOC last fall: the Blackbird COMINT system and the counter-UAS detection and classification system. Learn more about these products in an article by Richard Thomas of Shephard Media.
A soldier uses a communications intelligence (COMINT) radio system

5G: The Promise and the Perils

The introduction of fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology will bring a marked increase in capabilities that will benefit users in developing and developed countries alike. But this latest solution to the world’s seemingly insatiable demand for bandwidth also poses challenges for communications intelligence professionals. Kevin Davis of TCI spoke with Armada International’s Tom Withington about the […]