TCI completes 2018 spectrum monitoring training seminar with attendees from almost 20 countries

TCI Completes 2018 Annual Training Seminar

Fremont, CA – October 19, 2018 – TCI International hosted our Annual Technical Training Seminar at our headquarters in Fremont, CA between the 15 – 19th October. This year’s class was the largest and most diverse we have had. More than 40 delegates participated in the training, including representatives from spectrum regulatory agencies in almost […]
TCI supplies high-performance high frequency (HF) antenna solutions for broadcast and general communications

TCI’s HF Antenna Business Still Strong after 50 Years

Fremont, CA – April 2018 – In 1968, TCI opened its doors as a supplier of high-performance high frequency (HF) antenna solutions for broadcast and general communications. While both the HF antenna market and TCI’s product base has evolved over the past 50 years, TCI reports this portion of its business is still a strong contributor to […]
50 years of spectrum expertise

TCI Celebrates 50 Years of Spectrum Innovation

TCI International, Inc. celebrates its 50-year anniversary this month as a global provider of innovative solutions for Spectrum Monitoring (SMS), Spectrum Management (ASMS), Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Drone Detection and Intervention and high-performance broadcast and communication antenna system applications. During its first 50 years, TCI supplied more than 10,000 antenna systems, more than 900 SMS/ASMS solutions, […]
TCI Integrated Drone Detection and Geolocation System

TCI Deploys Reliable Solution to Combat the Modern Drone Threat

Radio Frequency Drone Monitoring and Detection Protects National Infrastructure Unmanned aerial systems, commonly referred to as “drones,” are transforming many aspects of modern society. While their widespread use brings benefits to certain industries – including medicine delivery to remote communities, disaster relief, aerial photography and broadcast media – drones also pose significant risks to air […]
Model 903s tactical COMINT system with antenna 649-8 used in drone detection system demos

TCI Conducts Client Drone Detection Demos

Fremont, CA – July 2017 – During May through June 2017, TCI supported two of its military customers and one security agency who have purchased twenty-plus TCI Blackbird collection and geolocation systems for use with their mobile vans, light armored vehicles and transit-case based systems in cooperative exercises on the east coast of the United […]
drone detection system demonstration

TCI to Present Drone Detection, Blackbird NextGen and HF SIGINT Advances at 53rd Annual AOC Symposium and Convention

Fremont, CA — Attendees at the 53rd Annual AOC Symposium and Convention in Washington, D.C. from November 29 – December 1 will learn about TCI advances in signals intelligence (SIGINT) developed to address some of today’s most critical challenges. The event is widely recognized as the leading industry forum expressly targeted to the global SIGINT/EW community. […]
Blackbird NextGen SIGINT and geolocation innovations

TCI to Showcase Blackbird SIGINT, Geolocation and UAS Tracking Innovations at the 52nd Annual AOC Symposium and Convention

Fremont, CA – TCI will offer attendees at the 52nd Annual AOC Symposium and Convention a comprehensive view of its Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) technologies relevant to today’s spectrum-intensive missions. Scheduled for December 1-3 in Washington, DC, the AOC Symposium and Convention has been the leading industry forum expressly targeted to the global SIGINT community. Participants […]
U.S. Government customer orders 18 TCI Model 903S transportable COMINT systems

TCI Delivers Soldier-Portable SIGINT Systems to U.S. Government Customer

Fremont, CA – A U.S. Government customer has accepted and taken delivery of eighteen TCI Model 903S transportable COMINT systems. Equipped with TCI’s Blackbird NextGen signals intelligence software, these compact and rugged man-portable systems can survey, search, detect, identify, collect and analyze signals of interest in both the HF and VHF/UHF frequency ranges — and […]
USA government orders Model 903S man-portable radio frequency (RF) signal monitoring and direction finding (DF) COMINT system

TCI Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract for the Delivery of Man-Portable COMINT Systems

Fremont, CA – TCI International, Inc., a recognized provider of communication intelligence (COMINT) systems and spectrum monitoring has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by the US Government for quantities of its Model 903S man-portable radio frequency (RF) signal monitoring and direction finding (DF) COMINT system. The TCI Model 903S employs precision RF and DF hardware […]
communications intelligence (COMINT) equipment

TCI Adds to Foreign Military Sales

Fremont, CA – TCI International, Inc. (TCI) has been awarded its second major Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract this year for communications intelligence (COMINT) equipment. The initial contract for HF direction finding (DF) systems, has now been joined by a second contract for mobile V/UHF signal monitoring, analysis and emitter geolocation systems.TCI is pleased to […]