Model 613

613 Broadband Dipole Antenna

  • Reliable, short- and medium-range communications
  • Small land area
  • 2-30 MHz — No tuner required
  • High efficiency
  • Easier and safer to install and maintain

Product Description

The Model 613 is a truly broadband dipole antenna with excellent performance over short- and medium range circuits. The height and configuration of the antenna were chosen to provide high take-off angle radiation at the low frequencies optimum for short-range communication and low take-off angle radiation at the higher frequencies necessary for longer-range communications. At the take-off angles used in short- and medium-range communications, the azimuth pattern is essentially omnidirectional. This provides great flexibility and makes the 613 applicable to most communications requirements.

Maximize coverage over short to medium ranges.

The 613 achieves broadband coverage without the use of resistors or tuning units. It delivers full antenna efficiency—radiating valuable power rather than losing it in tuning devices.

The antenna’s vertical towers are a very important consideration for both installation and maintenance. Towers can be safely guyed prior to curtain installation. Once erected, the curtain can be lowered at any time, independent of the tower guying. Compared with long skewed towers, short vertical towers are much quicker to install, safer to climb, and easier to maintain.

The 613 uses the same high-quality, exhaustively tested components and materials featured in all TCI antennas. All radiators, feedlines, and catenaries are Alumoweld, a wire composed of a high-strength steel core and a highly conductive, corrosion-resistant welded aluminum coating.

Fixed-station antennas traditionally have used catenary and drop rod assemblies of fiberglass for its excellent dielectric and tensile strength properties. Field experience, however, has shown that minute, difficult-to-detect flaws in the material, RF burning, and small nicks incurred during installation can result in catastrophic structural failure and deterioration when stored for long periods at high temperature and high humidity. TCI antennas eliminate the risks stemming from the poor structural qualities of fiberglass by using Alumoweld catenaries, segmented by fail-safe insulators.

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