Model 513

Di-Monopole® Hybrid Log

  • Highest gain and broadcast bandwidth for a given tower height
  • Combines low tower height of a monopole for low frequency operation with the gain of a dipole log periodic at higher frequencies
  • Minimal ground screen requirements
  • Full 2 – 30 MHz coverage

Product Description

Vertical dipole log periodics offer the advantages of gain and substantial power handling capability without the requirement of a complicated ground screen for impedance matching. Unfortunately, to serve lower frequencies, large tower heights are required since the tower must be somewhat larger than a half wavelength at the lowest operating frequency. This is a penalty in severe environments and near airports.

Monopole log-periodic antennas, on the other hand, are smaller in the vertical dimension. This reduced height is a structural advantage and an operational benefit near airports. However, monopole log- periodic antennas provide less gain and require, in general, a complicated and costly process of installing a ground screen.

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