European Country Selects TCI 903S Man-Portable Systems Featuring Blackbird NextGen SIGINT Technology

Fremont, CA — TCI man-portable COMINT and DF technology will soon be supporting the signals intelligence and COMINT efforts of another European customer.

This recently awarded multi-million dollar contract will deliver TCI Model 903S man-portable COMINT systems to provide signal search, automatic detection and processing of wideband and narrowband signals and simultaneous DF/geolocation.

The Model 903S features TCI’s proprietary Blackbird NextGen software. Built by the principal developers of the classic E3238S Blackbird, TCI Blackbird NextGen’s sophisticated, user-friendly signal processing capabilities continuously detect and characterize all sources of intentional and unintentional RF energy. In addition, interlinked fast scanning detection and DF displays combined with powerful signal isolation capabilities enable real-time and post facto detection and DF/geolocation — including frequency-agile signals as well as signals in crowded RF environments.

The 903S utilizes TCI’s field-proven hybrid geolocation technology that incorporates conventional angle of arrival (AOA) with time difference of arrival (TDOA) techniques for precise emitter geolocation.

These Model 903S systems include TCI’s compact Model 649 omnidirectional monitoring and DF antenna. This lightweight antenna configuration including tripod weighs less than 40 lbs. (17 kg.)  The TCI Model 903S may also be combined with a variety of unique antenna solutions to meet various operational needs.

Upon deployment, TCI will also provide training and supervision services.

TCI’s Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Model 903S systems are part of a proven family of SIGINT solutions tailored to meet today’s new and emerging threats in challenging conditions on land and sea.

About TCI
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