TCI Model 649-8

Portable 20 to 8,500* MHz DF and Monitoring Antenna Array

TCI’s Model 649-8 Portable V/U/SHF antenna is designed for applications requiring a compact, accurate, multi-element, direction finding (DF) antenna, combined with an omnidirectional monitoring antenna. The 649-8 enables broadband operation from 20 to 8,500* MHz when used in TCI’s Spectrum Monitoring System (SMS) or COMINT DF systems.

*Range is dependent on TCI spectrum processor.

  • 20 to 8,500* MHz broadband antenna for DF and monitoring
  • Rugged, lightweight construction for portable applications
  • Unique design provides a balance between compact size and sensitivity over a wide frequency range
  • Includes magnetic fluxgate compass

*Range is dependent on spectrum processor

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