Tove RF Data Link

Lightweight Data Link Transmitter

Tove RF Data Link is a lightweight, Software Defined Radio (SDR) designed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) and Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs). 

The equipment is optimized for use in airborne, ground and maritime applications, where Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) is at a premium and provides full backward compatibility with ECS Evenlode Ground Data Terminals (GDT).

Product Description


Exceptional Connectivity for Varied Applications

In the landscape of modern communication systems, Tove stands out as a lightweight RF data transmitter, harnessing the power of Software-Defined Radio (SDR) technology. This technology enables Tove to deliver superior connectivity across diverse applications, including airborne, ground, and maritime scenarios.

Versatility Across Inputs for Seamless Compatibility

Tove’s versatility is underscored by its support for SD/HD/3G-SDI, CVBS, USB, and Ethernet inputs. This wide compatibility ensures seamless integration with an extensive array of sensor systems, catering to both the latest technologies and legacy setups.

Onboard Low Latency H.265 and H.264 1080p Video Encoder

A defining feature of Tove is its onboard low latency H.265 and H.264 1080p video encoder. This innovative element not only guarantees superior compression but also translates into reduced channel bandwidth, heightened spectral efficiency, and an exceptional transmission range.

Integration of GPS and Bi-Directional Telemetry Data

Moving beyond conventional data transmitters, Tove integrates GPS and bi-directional telemetry data seamlessly into the transport stream. This unique capability enables the transmission of positional data and sensor control to fixed or mobile receive stations, enhancing operational precision.

Robust Data Transmission with DVB-T COFDM Protocol

For reliable data transmission, Tove relies on ECS’s robust and configurable DVB-T COFDM protocol. This, coupled with an integrated 2 Watt amplifier, ensures efficient data transmission to compatible receive systems, including ECS Evenlode Data Link Ground Data Terminals (GDT), ECS handheld receiving devices, or compliant DVB-T receivers.

Amplification Options for Extended Distances

Tove provides operational flexibility with an optional 10 Watt amplifier for longer distances. This option caters to varied operational needs, ensuring adaptability in diverse scenarios.

Point-to-Multipoint Data Exchange: Tailored Ground Equipment

Equipped with an omnidirectional antenna, Tove facilitates convenient point-to-multipoint data exchange. Ground equipment can be further customized with various omnidirectional and position-steered antenna systems, ensuring adaptability to specific operational requirements.

Extendable Coverage with Ground Receiver Equipment (GRE)

To extend coverage over a wide area, Ground Receiver Equipment (GRE) can be strategically deployed and networked. This modular approach allows for scalable and efficient coverage expansion, offering a dynamic solution to evolving operational demands.

Conclusion: Tove, a Game-Changer in RF Data Transmission

In conclusion, Tove emerges as a game-changer in the realm of RF data transmission, seamlessly combining innovation, reliability, and adaptability. Whether deployed in airborne, ground, or maritime applications, Tove is engineered to meet the evolving demands of modern communication systems.


Technical Specifications

Tove transmitter module with transmitter only license
1 x downlink antenna
1 x uplink antenna                        Connector set

5 and 10 watt amplifier
Ground Data Terminal
Uplink Telemetry Control Terminal
Handheld Receiver
Key Fill Device

Future Upgrade
DVB-T2 modulation
Bi-directional Ethernet

ECS Fixed site Receivers
ECS Mobile Receivers
ECS Handheld Receiver

Export License
Purchase of this equipment is subject to export license approval

120 mm x 80 mm x 30 mm

350 g

11-15 Vdc and 22-30 Vdc, voltage range protection
17-21 W

900 MHz to 6.0 GHz (Software Defined)                              

Link Mode Selection
FEC – 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6                      

Guard Interval
1/4, 1/8, 1/16                

QPSK, 16QAM            

Channel Bandwidth 1.7,2,3,4,5,6,7,8MHz                            

Link Data Rate
Up to 21 Mbps      

Output Power
2 W                      

Telemetry Control
Bi-directional (FSK or Spread Spectrum)                                        

Video Formats
PAL NTSC up to 1080p60        (SMPTE 259M, 344M, 292M, 424M)
DVB-ASI EN 50089-9 188 Byte Transport Stream
(SMPTE 259M)

Video Compression

1 x HD-BNC
1 x SMA GPS antenna interface
3 x Multi pin connectors
100/10BASE-T Ethernet, RS232/485 USB 

AES 256 (subject to export license approval)
Substitution Cipher Encryption

Operational Temperature
-20°C to +55°C, 0-90% relative humidity non-condensing

Operational Altitude

Design Standards
Certification Designed to RTCA
DO160G Standards
Designed to MIL-STD-704
Environment: Designed to IP64

ECS is able to provide in-country commissioning and training      Platform Integration documentation

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