Model 902-2

Depend on the field-proven solution for surveillance of traditional and modern HF signals

  • Manual and automatic HF signal detection, location, collection, analysis and archiving.
  • 2 MHz to 30 MHz frequency range (optionally down to 0.5 MHz depending on antenna type) with up to 28 MHz
    instantaneous real-time bandwidth.
  • Signal search and filtering by signal frequency, direction, location, modulation, duration, bandwidth and type.
  • N-channel DF architecture, one receiver per antenna, is unsurpassed for dealing with the HF signal environment.
  • TCI DF First™ signal acquisition technology provides exceptional DF accuracy and speed.

Product Description

The TCI Model 902-2 employs a flexible client server architecture that provides a complete set of tools to carry out HF radio surveillance. The Model 902-2 combines TCI Model 802W N-channel direction finding system with TCI Model 850 Blackbird signal collection system to provide vanguard performance by instantaneously covering the entire HF band. 

The 902-2 system rapidly detects and acquires any traditional or modern HF signals, and is capable of performing detailed analysis of specific signals of interest. The 902-2 can perform analysis manually or automatically in real time or in delayed (post-facto) mode. Analyses include detection, location, collection, classification and archiving of signal activities.

Typically the 902-2 is used to search the HF spectrum using extremely fine frequency resolution. When RF energy is detected, the system automatically determines the direction of the energy source and other important signal parameters. This information is then automatically archived for future analysis and can be simultaneously passed to operator client workstations in real time. The operator at a client workstation tasks the system to find a particular Signal of Interest (SOI) with specific parameters. The system then processes archived or real-time data to find the SOI and its geographic position or location and presents this information to the operator.

The foundation of the 902-2 system is highspeed signal search, combined with detection and direction finding obtained by simultaneous, parallel processing of multiple, 28 MHz-wide receiver channels connected to an antenna array. The 902-2 is capable of performing automatic real-time analysis on all types of HF signals. The analysis provides transmitter parameters including frequency, direction and/or location, bandwidth, time and duration of transmission, and type of transmission.

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