Model 640D

Horizontally-Polarized UHF Monitoring Antenna

  • Broadband frequency range, 500 MHz to 1300 MHz antenna
  • Omni directional receive pattern with better than unity gain
  • Horizontal Polarization
  • Passive, no AC/DC power requirement
  • Simple mounting, standard 2” pipe
  • Ground plane independent
  • Small profile

Product Description

The TCI Model 640D monitoring antenna offers broadband frequency range coverage from 500 MHz to 1300 MHz. The 640D does not require tuners, which eliminates the need for powered components within the antenna. The Model 640D covers the 500 to 1,300 MHz range using dual horizontal loops. A 50 ohm type N connector provides a secure connection and interface to RF receivers and analyzers. The antenna assembly installs on to a building or tower structure via a standard 2” pipe mount.

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