Model 604ST

Self-Tuned Medium Wave

  • No tuning unit required
  • No base insulator
  • Shunt fed
  • Low maintenance
  • Grounded steel mast
  • Lightning resistant Alumoweld guys
  • High-quality insulators
  • Low cost

Product Description

The Model 604ST is TCI’s answer to the medium wave broadcaster’s need for a high-quality, low- maintenance antenna for up to 600 kW broadcast applications.

The Model 604ST employs a shunt-fed, guyed, and grounded mast, eliminating the need for an antenna tuning unit (ATU). Instead, tuning is easily performed during installation by adjusting the shunt feed system. By eliminating the ATU and base insulator, this antenna achieves a simpler configuration, leading to reduced costs without compromising on quality.

Enhanced Lightning Strike Resistance:

With its grounded tower design, the 604ST significantly increases its resistance to lightning strikes. Additionally, the tower obstruction lights can be fed without an isolation transformer, a traditionally high-maintenance item. This design ensures a more reliable and safer broadcasting experience.

Versatile Frequency Ranges and Power Levels:

The Model 604ST is available in fourteen frequency ranges, covering medium wave broadcast, marine and weather bands, and non-directional beacon frequencies from 450 to 1840 kHz. With six ranges of transmitter carrier power levels available, broadcasters can choose power levels ranging from 10 kW to 600 kW, catering to diverse broadcasting needs.

Efficient and Customizable Radiation Pattern:

Standing just under one-quarter wavelength in height, the 604ST boasts an omnidirectional radiation pattern. For broadcasters seeking directional patterns, a second mast can be effortlessly added as a parasitic reflector. Each 604ST comes equipped with a full copper earth radial system for optimal performance.

The Model 604ST utilizes the same high-quality materials that define all TCI antennas. The mast is constructed from hot-dipped galvanized steel with a triangular cross-section, while the guy wires are made of Alumoweld (aluminum-coated steel), segmented as needed using compression and long-leakage-path tension insulators. Insulator materials are glazed ceramic, eliminating organic components that could elongate or deteriorate over time.

Tailored Accessories for Optimal Functionality:

To enhance performance and user experience, the Model 604ST offers optional accessories, including an RF current meter, face-mounted ladder, safety climbing cable, rest platforms, ICAO obstruction lights, and paint. These additions ensure seamless integration with existing setups and ease of use.

Expert Installation and Turnkey Solutions:

While experienced rigging crews typically handle the installation of the 604ST, TCI also provides quotes for installation tools, equipment, and field engineering assistance. For broadcasters with specific site details, TCI offers turnkey system quotations, streamlining the setup process.

Conclusion: For broadcasters seeking a robust, low-maintenance antenna solution capable of handling transmitters up to 600 kW, the Model 604ST from TCI is the ultimate choice. With its innovative design, exceptional durability, and versatile customization options, this antenna ensures optimal broadcasting performance and reliability. Get in touch with TCI today to explore how the Model 604ST can elevate your broadcasting endeavors.


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