Evenlode Ground Data System

The Evenlode Ground Data System is part of the Evenlode Series and complements the Evenlode Airborne Data Links.

Equipment that is available in the Evenlode Ground Data Terminal system:

  • Rack Transceiver
  • Rack Dual Receiver or X-Versity Receiver
  • Antenna Control Unit (MSA5, 6, 9 and Steerable)
  • Mast Mounted Power Amplifier and Power Supply
  • Rack ASI/IP Decoder (Dual and Single)
  • Mains or Battery Power Supplies
  • Range of antenna solutions from omnidirectional to high gain tracking dish antennas

Product Description

The Evenlode Ground Data System is a modular system that complements the Evenlode Series of Airborne Data Terminals. The GDS is based on a half width 19” rack system that provides ground based equipment from test transmitters and receivers through to long range bidirectional tracking antenna fixed base stations.

The Evenlode GDS provides a suite of antenna options ranging from covert omnidirectional antennas to tracking antennas that can achieve ranges in excess of 200 nautical miles.
Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) provides the complete ‘turnkey’ ground solution including: antennas, cabling, lightning protection, receivers, transmitters, power supplies, test equipment, installation and training.

Technical Specifications

IF Input Frequency
500-800 MHz

IF Output Frequency
400 MHz

Link Data Rate
1 – 20 Mbps

Digital Video Output
DVI (HDMI type A connector)

Digital Video Input

Control Port
RS232 4-way Lemo

GPS Data
RS232 9-way D-Type Female

Telemetry Data Port
RS232/485 9-way D-Type Female


Modulation Type

Video Formats
576i – 720×526 @25fps (PAL)
480i – 720×480 @30fps (NTSC)
720p – 1280×720 @50/60fps
1080i – 1920×1080 @25/30fps

Video Compression

Data Interfaces
100/10BASE-T ethernet and ASI

AES 256 (subject to export license approval) or substitution cipher            

ASI Input/Output
MPEG-2 TS ISO/IEC 13818-1 ETSI TR 101 891            

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