Counter RCIED

Claw Directional Inhibitor System

  • Integrated Quintuple-Band RF Inhibitor
  • Integrated High Gain Antennas
  • Control interface
  • 72 V DC Power Supply (AC input)
  • 72 V DC Power Supply (DC input)

Product Description

Claw is an RF inhibitor system that combines RF power electronics with a high gain Quintuple-Band antenna system designed to be mounted on suitable pan & tilt platforms. The inhibitor comprises two RF units covering the GNSS, 433 MHz, 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz ISM and Wi-Fi frequencies with RF output powers to the antennas of up to 40 W. The antennas have a nominal gain of 15-17 dBiC producing an EIRP of over 300 W each for the 433 MHz and 915 MHz bands, over 1250 W for the 2.4 GHz band and 500 W for the 5.8 GHz band.

Each RF band can be individually controlled via the single control interface provided and Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) can support the development of custom RF inhibition solutions to defeat the operation of a range of UAVs. Claw has been designed to defeat the RF datalinks of UAVs that are weaponized or that are being used for hostile airborne surveillance or other malicious activities. Claw can be integrated with detection, tracking and identification systems to provide the directional RF defeat capability to any Counter UAS platform in the Military or Critical infrastructure environment.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range
9 kHz to 8.5 GHz

Instantaneous Bandwidth
10 / 80 MHz

Noise Figure (typical)
2 MHz to 30 MHz: 12 dB
20 MHz to 3 GHz: 8 dB
30 GHz to 6 GHz: 12 dB
6 GHz to 8.5 GHz: 20 dB

Phase Noise (typical)
-110 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset

Gain Control
>120 dB

Tuning Resolution
1 Hz

A/D Resolution
16 Bits

Digital Interface
Model 709: 1GbE
Model 753: 1GbE (10 GbE optional)

Digital Downconverters (753 only)
Eight, tunable from 78 Hz to 2 MHz

IP Rating

Power Requirements
120-240 VAC or 12-16 VDC
Model 709: 27 Watts (typical)
Model 753:

Size (Model 709 – 753)
Width: 30.5 cm – 40.6 cm
Depth: 26.7 cm – 31.8 cm
Height: 5 cm – 5 cm
Weight: 4.5 kg – 7 kg

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