803 (DF) Series

VHF/UHF/SHF DF Subsystem

  • Comprehensive intercept and location of all signals from 20 to 3,000 MHz or 20 to 8,000 MHz
  • 3 GHz/sec fast-scanning detection with simultaneous DF of all detected signals at frequency channelization of 25 kHz (DF First™ technology)
  • Multi-mission support using field-proven DF algorithms
  • Detection and DF of multiple modern signals, such as frequency hopping, agile and burst signals
  • Supports multiple signal types simultaneously 
  • Flexible, modular hardware architecture supports fixed, mobile and transportable configurations

Product Description

The TCI Model 803 is a compact Direction Finding (DF) subsystem for Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and Electronic Warfare (EW) applications. The 803 integrates seamlessly with TCI’s Blackbird NextGen COMINT / EW platform to provide a complete
signal search, collection, direction-finding and geolocation solution.

The 803 continuously scans, detects, DFs, and records DF results in tasked frequency channels on a 4 or 40 MHz instantaneous
bandwidth. Bandwidth is tuneable over the 20 to 3,000 or 20 to 8,000 MHz frequency ranges. The dual 40/4 MHz wideband DF capability enables the Model 803 to detect and capture weak signals in crowded RF environments using the 4 MHz instantaneous bandwidth and detect short-duration, frequency-agile and wide-bandwidth signals using the 40 MHz bandwidth.

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