TCI Maintains Blackbird Legacy while Launching Next Generation

Fremont, CA – Building on a Technology License Agreement announced on January 18, 2013, TCI has introduced its new Model 850 Blackbird NextGen Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) system.

The TCI Model 850 employs new, precision RF and DF hardware based on the company’s modular platform, combined with the next generation of the original Blackbird software. This allows it to detect, collect and analyze the newest signal threats — in addition to geolocating them. New client/server architecture supports multiple simultaneous remote or local clients, as well as unattended operation.

A variety of advances make the system easy to deploy and intuitive to operate. The Model 850’s updated GUI includes auto-setup capability. TCI’s DF First® technology allows searches by direction and/or geolocation when configured with TCI DF/Geolocation options. Collection, alarming, tasking and other functions can be automated to occur when signals of interest are detected. And powerful search and look back visualization makes it possible to quickly find those signals whether they are live or previously detected. The Model 850 also retains the original Blackbird data interfaces to ensure compatibility with existing signal analysis and decode packages, including popular GOTS backend processors.

For further information on the new TCI Blackbird NextGen system, as well as the availability of Blackbird software and support services, contact Peter Savage, Director, COMINT Systems Sales at

About TCI
TCI International, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of SPX Corporation. TCI provides spectrum monitoring, direction finding, and signal collection solutions to civilian, government, military, and intelligence agencies, as well as antennas for communications and high-power radio broadcasting. TCI is headquartered in Fremont, California. For more information, visit