TCI adds Blackbird/Surveyor RF Surveillance and Signal Monitoring Software to its Product Family with signing of Technology License Agreement with Agilent Technologies

Fremont, CA — A recent Technology License Agreement between TCI and Agilent Technologies, Inc. has given TCI IP rights to Agilent’s well-established and widely deployed line of E3238S software. This includes Blackbird RF surveillance and Surveyor signal monitoring applications, as well as associated utilities such as the Snapshot Radio audio player.

The new agreement sets the stage for the next generation of Blackbird/Surveyor technology. Introduced under the TCI brand as part of a refreshed roadmap of associated RF surveillance and signal monitoring products, these solutions will offer proven Blackbird/Surveyor features and more in a redesigned, easy-to-use application.

This software will introduce sought-after new features such as TCI’s DF First® technology that allows search by direction/geolocation, as well as TCI’s Lookback Collection™ capability that enables operators to “go back in time” to visualize and retrieve IQ data for past signals of interest. TCI’s agreement with Agilent also ensures continued sales and support, as well as ongoing enhancements, for classic Blackbird/Surveyor solutions. Agilent will discontinue sales of these solutions on October 31, 2013.

In addition, TCI has announced it is developing a refreshed hardware platform for Blackbird/Surveyor software. This will offer HF and VHF/UHF RF support, multichannel DDC collection, wideband recording, and tight integration with TCI’s popular HF and VHF/UHF Direction Finding and emitter Geolocation solutions.

The Technology License Agreement also appoints TCI as the official Authorized Service Provider for E3238S software. This means new Blackbird/Surveyor users, as well as those with existing products in the field will now be able to look to TCI for extended software support services.

For further information on the availability of Blackbird software and support services, please contact Dennis Bathke, TCI Customer Support Lead, For additional information on the roadmap for the next-generation products for RF Surveillance and Signal Monitoring, contact Peter Savage, Director, COMINT Systems

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