Blackbird Drone Detection

Blackbird Drone Detection Application

Blackbird - an add on - Drone Detection, Location, Identification, and Tracking.

Our Blackbird Drone Detection Application software module adds RF-based drone detection, identification, direction finding, geolocation, and tracking to existing Blackbird COMINT systems. The application is user-friendly and operates automatically after initial parameter setup. Enables tipping of other sensors and drone inhibitors.

Blackbird Add-On Module

Runs on existing and new Blackbird COMINT systems

Automated Operation

“Set it and forget it” operations – automated visual, audible, text and E-Mail notifications

Detects and Locates Drones and Controllers

Detect wide range of threats, from hobbyist to military drones – can detect controller before drone is airborne

Proprietary Drone Detector Library

Ensures high probability of intercept, low probability of false alarm – new detectors routinely added

Maximum CONOPS Flexibility

Detect drones with fixed, mobile, shipboard, transportable, and man-portable solutions

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