TCI Scorpio Spectrum Monitoring Software

TCI Scorpio Spectrum Monitoring Software

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The first solution from any manufacturer designed from the ground up as an ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring system interface, TCI’s Scorpio™ Spectrum Monitoring Software is ideally suited to today’s requirements.

Scorpio works over unreliable and slow communication links and uses a GPS-based location, timing (frequency) and time standard. Its ease of use ensures measurement results are independent of operator skill level. And its field-repairable, self-calibrating systems reduce lifecycle costs. Additionally, Scorpio’s client-server architecture supports flexible operating modes that include local, remote, multiuser and network operation.

Scorpio Windows®-based client-server software provides complete command and control of spectrum monitoring and direction finding (DF) operations and is fully compliant with applicable ITU recommendations and the 2011 Spectrum Monitoring Handbook. A wide variety of powerful graphical displays offer easy-to-use features such as drop-down boxes and automatic default values where appropriate.

Accommodating a broad range of antennas for fixed, mobile and transportable applications, Scorpio is the versatile answer for the spectrum monitoring challenges of today and tomorrow.

• Integrated, ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring system software covering the ranges:
- 9 kHz to 30 MHz monitoring and DF (monitoring only from 9 kHz to 300 kHz)
- 20 MHz to 3,000 MHz monitoring and DF
- 3000 MHz to 8,500 MHz monitoring and DF (option to 20 to 3,000 MHz system) 
Wideband 40 MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth (IBW) receivers for fast spectrum scanning with optional 4 MHz IBW for high-density/high-power signal environments.
• Multichannel receiver design for high-speed DF and mitigation of the multichannel/multipath DF issues single-channel systems cannot resolve well.
• Intercepts, measures, and locates traditional signals and modern digital formats.
• Client-server architecture supports flexible operating modes: local, remote, multiuser, and network operation.
• Client Graphical User Interface (GUI) is intuitive, easy to learn and based on task icons, toolbars, and point and click.
• Real-time signal display and simple single button-click parameter measurement.
• Tasks scheduled to run on server, with results staying on the server until retrieved by the client, allowing client computers to be disconnected from the network or even shut down while the server runs the scheduled tasks.
• Remote audio capability; audio demodulated at the server location can be transferred to the client for listening and identification.
• Client recording capability; remote audio can be recorded on the local client computer.
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