TCI Scorpio Spectrum Monitoring Software

TCI Scorpio Spectrum Monitoring Software

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The first solution from any manufacturer designed from the ground up as an ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring system interface, TCI’s Scorpio™ Spectrum Monitoring Software is ideally suited to today’s requirements.

Scorpio works over unreliable and slow communication links and uses a GPS-based location, timing (frequency) and time standard. Its ease of use ensures measurement results are independent of operator skill level. And its field-repairable, self-calibrating systems reduce lifecycle costs. Additionally, Scorpio’s client-server architecture supports flexible operating modes that include local, remote, multiuser and network operation.

Scorpio Windows®-based client-server software provides complete command and control of spectrum monitoring and direction finding (DF) operations and is fully compliant with applicable ITU recommendations and the 2011 Spectrum Monitoring Handbook. A wide variety of powerful graphical displays offer easy-to-use features such as drop-down boxes and automatic default values where appropriate.

Accommodating a broad range of antennas for fixed, mobile and transportable applications, Scorpio is the versatile answer for the spectrum monitoring challenges of today and tomorrow.

• Integrated, ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring system software covering the ranges:
- 9 kHz to 30 MHz monitoring and DF (monitoring only from 9 kHz to 300 kHz)
- 20 MHz to 3,000 MHz monitoring and DF
- 3000 MHz to 8,500 MHz monitoring and DF (option to 20 to 3,000 MHz system)