TCI Model 903 Integrated V/U/SHF Signal Search, Collection, DF/Geolocation & Analysis System

TCI Model 903 Blackbird Nextgen Integrated VHF/UHF Signal Search, Collection, DF/Geolocation and Analysis System

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TCI Model 903 Blackbird system combines redesigned Blackbird software with updated RF hardware and TCI’s world-leading DF and geolocation technology to deliver the next generation of Signals Intelligence.

The TCI Model 903 Blackbird NextGen SIGINT system combines precision RF and DF hardware with the next generation Blackbird software. The result is a fully integrated, COTS VHF/UHF SIGINT capability providing signal survey, search, detection, visualization, collection, wideband recording, DF/geolocation, analysis and reporting. It’s the best of the proven, classic Blackbird, modernized with new technology, DF/geolocation and an intuitive, operator-friendly GUI.

The new Blackbird software automatically scans the RF spectrum, detecting and cataloging all signal activity. Operators use the Blackbird GUI to view the spectrum and signal activity in list, spectrogram and map views using intuitive controls including touchscreen and MS Windows gesture support. The spectral data enables operators to scroll “back in time” and view spectral data which is overlaid with the detection database results. The user may point at any signal to display the signal characteristics, or use the Search pane to find live or past signals of interest based on specific signal characteristics.

The TCI Lookback Collection option enables the user to extract IQ data from the Lookback Storage Array. This feature ensures all signals of interest are collected and available for analysis without interrupting wideband recording.

Blackbird operators can use the Lookback Collection capability to go “back in time” to perform TDOA and hybrid geolocation on past signals.

• Client/server architecture supports multiple simultaneous remote or local clients (or unattended operation).
• Fully integrated signal search, visualization, collection, wideband recording, DF/geolocation, analysis and reporting.
• GUI provides easy setup and intuitive operation including touch screen and gesture support.
• Advanced signal detection, including optional modulation classifier automatically identifies specific signals of interest.
• Powerful search and Lookback visualization allow users to quickly find signals of interest, whether live or previously detected.
• TCI’s DF First® technology provides search by direction and/or geolocation.
• Integrated DDCs with delay memory provide multichannel realtime collection.
• Easy to use Automation facility triggers automated actions (collection, alarming, analysis, etc.) when signals of interest are detected.
• VHF, UHF (20 MHz to 3,000 MHz) and optional low-SHF ranges up to 8.5 GHz.
• High dynamic range and excellent co-channel frequency resolution.
• 40 MHz instantaneous bandwidth.
• Frequency extension to 8 GHz.
• Modulation recognition for automated signal classification and Smart Recording.
• TCI Lookback Storage Array, providing both wideband playback and TCI’s exclusive Lookback Collection capability which allows signals to be extracted without interrupting wideband recording.
• Snapshot Radio Audio Player.
• TDOA geolocation, hybrid AOA/TDOA geolocation and Lookback TDOA/ hybrid geolocation.
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